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My name is Austin Gremillion, raised in Cottonport, LA, and I am a creative at JCW Creative located in Baton Rouge, La. In spring 2022, I received my degree in  Sports Administration B.S. with as minor in Business.  While living in Baton Rouge and attending LSU I found a passion for videography. After countless hours of shooting, editing, and a lot of failure I've managed to work for high school, college, and professional sport teams and brands. I've produced work for LSU, NFL, Saints, Falcons, Dolphins, Jaguars, Reese Senior Bowl, Shriner's Classic, NCAA Baseball Regional, HBCU Combine, East Texas Duck Opener, Wish Upon A Star Fishing Tournament, Elite 11, and NCAA Final Four. 

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My Story

As a young boy it was the highlight of my spring when my family and I went to Baton Rouge to visit LSU's campus or enjoy a baseball game at Alex Box. Seeing the polished field, the crisp purple and gold jersey's, and the all time greats from every sport on campus, it was made up in my mind that I would be a tiger. 

Fast forward to my freshman year of college, 2019, football wins a National Championship and I took notice of the creative content team who was just as good as the one on the field. I had no interest in any type of media, I was a Pre-PT major who had realized, like most high school athletes that chose that major in high school, I won't be dealing with professional athlete injuries. I decided to buy a GoPro with money I got from my work study, money that was mean't for gas. Strapped it to my head during a duck hunt and I was hooked. With the illegally copied version of Final Cut Pro on my computer from a friend I started to learn how to edit. Hundreds of Youtube tutorials and like I said earlier, a lot of failure I landed some video jobs.

Long story short, from that point on I recognized that my goal should be to ignite the viewers emotion. Getting the shots that others don't think about, the shots that show true emotions from the people in front of the lens, and delivering those shots in a way that leaves the viewer fulfilled on what happen. 



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